London Aquarium

On Monday 5th February 1S visited the London Aquarium. We took the 77 bus and then walked little bit along the side of the River Thames. Once we got to the Aquarium we had our lunch. We then started our tour. We saw some amazing sea animals including sharks, stingray, seahorses, starfish (which some of us even touched) and many more. We also saw lots of penguins which were happily swimming and walking around their enclosure. We had a wonderful time at the London Aquarium and it has really helped to support our English and Science learning.


The Spinney

On Thursday 1S had their fist visit to the Spinney. It was a very cold day but we wrapped up warm, pulled up or socks and off we went. We are linking our Spinney learning to our Science topic which is ‘Animals including humans’ so we had to spot any animals and discuss their features. We couldn’t believe it when we found toads and frogs. Some of us even held them. We found lots of animals and explore the natural environment around us. We finished our visit with a lovely hot chocolate!


A Special Visit

This week we had a special visit from Ellie Elf. She left  us a little note and a Maths challenge. We had to help Ellie to calculate the correct amount of coins to buy the gifts. On Wednesday, as a thank you present, Ellie left us some money to share. She gave us £1 to share between 6 of us. We went to Iceland to buy a healthy treat! We have had lots of fun this week.

Science Investigation

This week we had to investigate what waterproof meant and what materials we could find that were waterproof and that weren’t. We had a lot of fun predicting our thoughts, testing the materials and discussing the results. It turns out that cardboard is not waterproof, but many of us thought it was. Ask us why and we can explain what happened.


It’s panto season already and Year 1 will be performing in the end of term production of ‘Dick Whittington’ in December. Our class’ song is ’99 Red Balloons’. Song words went home in your home learning books, and are attached below, along with the music for the song (it’s a little different to the original so don’t use YouTube versions!)

We will be practising our dance and organising costumes over the coming weeks. Information about performance times and tickets will be in the school newsletter.

Happy singing!

The Jolly Postman

On Monday we received a surprise package from the postman. The office ladies brought us a special delivery. It was 6 copies of the story ‘The Jolly Postman’ by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. The postman had bought it especially for us. How lucky are we!? What it is your favourite part?

Take a look at the video below which tells you the story:

Black History Month

October is Black History Month and in class we have been learning about pioneers – people who have fought against discrimination to achieve their dreams. We have found out about some people who are famous for being the first to do something that many people thought that they could not do.

Frank Bailey became the UK’s first black firefighter in the 1950s. He campaigned against racism and helped many other fire fighters follow in his footsteps. We though of other pioneers, like Amelia Earhart, who achieved things that people thought they could not do.

On Thursday we had an exciting drama workshop, where we learned about some other famous black pioneers:


Click on the links to find out more about these inspiring people.

We acted out role plays to tell their stories and danced in our own Notting Hill Carnival.

Do you have any pioneers in your family, who were the first to do something or worked hard to achieve their goals?

Who are your family’s heroes? 

Leave your ideas as a reply.

Maths – measuring

This week in Maths we have been looking at measuring. We have measured how tall we are, looked at our shoe size, the length of our hand and how much we weigh. We also had a Science investigation based around measuring, our question was:

If you have bigger hands do you have bigger feet?

Come and take a look at our height chart in the classroom and see how tall you are.


As part of the school’s ‘Take One Picture’ we looked closely at the photo and created our own castles. We used clay to mould into shape, then using many different objects to imprint patterns into the clay. Once this had solidified we used oil pastels to colour over the clay, finally painting it in black and washing it off to give a great effect. If you want to see them they are on display just outside the classroom.